Sunday, November 16, 2008


It wasn't common in those days
to own a family car,
And television hadn't been invented.

'Sides, there wasn't time nor money
To go traveling very far--
We did our days work and came home, contented.

Long summer evenings we all sat
with games and conversation,
or Jim came home with ball and bat
just bubbling with elation;

The home team won the noble fight,
So everything was dandy.
And sometimes, on a rainy night,
We'd pop corn or make candy.

Life was more placid in those days;
We made our recreation
Far from the city's worldly ways,
The bright lights and temptation.

Sometimes I think the children now
Are cheated of their birthright--
They haven't time and don't know how
To enjoy a family twilight.
written by Grace Luella Peterson Perry

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